Last night I polished off the last of the pecan pie. It was the last of my "still okay to eat" Thanksgiving leftovers. It was delicious, of course. All of the sugar-filled, gravy-laden delicacies were delicious. But. let's just say I was grateful for my go-to breakfast of rolled oats, walnuts, and some almond milk. (And a bit of maple syrup.)

I adore holiday food. At the same time, after several days of embracing a hedonistic approach to food enjoyment, you start to feel the effects. Akin to a hangover, there is an accompanying "food coma" that leads to fatigue, possibly headaches, and a general sense of just not feeling very good.

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I suppose that's why some treats are best kept for special occasions. As Shakespeare's Friar Lawrence said in Romeo & Juliet, "The sweetest honey Is loathsome in [its] own deliciousness." ;)

The very things that make us adore these foods--pies of various kinds, buttered rolls, "gravied" casseroles--are the very things that eventually start to wreak havoc on how we feel and even function.

Even when it isn't a holiday, if I find myself slipping down that slope of eating food for the sake of tantalizing my taste buds alone, I get lethargic and even my mood can be affected. I lose the desire to exercise as vigorously and I feel like my ability to focus is compromised.

You know what else is strange? After awhile, the foods we crave don't even taste quite as good as they did at first. It's like our taste buds have become accustomed to the flavors.

And so, admittedly, when we switch back to eating healthier foods, they may taste less flavorful than they really are. It's like we've "numbed out." But then eventually, our sense of taste normalizes and we can even start to crave healthier foods. I know I do.

So, I'm looking forward to getting back on track. Being able to think more clearly and focus, feel energized, and sleep better. At least for a few weeks. After all, Christmas is coming. ;)

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