Back in November of 2018, there was only speculation as to the production of a third installment to the 1984 Ghostbusters timeline.

I quickly wrote up a piece about why I thought it was not a good idea. You can read my reasons by clicking here.

It's almost been a full year since I wrote that article, and for the most part I still stand by those reasons. However within the last year, Jason Reitman has done enough to get me fully on board. It's being produced under the working title 'Rust City' which doesn't really tell us much. Star Wars was being produced under the title 'Blue Harvest' so we might not see the Rust City title again once the movie gets further along in production.

Jason Reitman has also been picking up fantastic actors to be in his new movie. These actors so far have me wanting to see what else is in store.

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    Carrie Coon

    So far, the original cast members (minus Rick Moranis) have officially stated they'd be involved in the 2020 movie.

    Adding to that stellar cast is the gorgeous Carrie Coon who seems to fit perfectly in that world. I'm not sure if it's the fact that she seems to have the same poise as Sigourney Weaver, or just the fact that she's an amazing actress.

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    Bokeem Woodbine

    Jason Reitman must be a big 'Fargo' fan, because he's also gotten Bokeem Woodbine on board.

    Woodbine is a veteran actor who has been the stand out in many cult favorites.

    My favorite thing about him is how he can look at other characters with this quiet judgement that makes his onscreen counterparts feel dumb or inferior.

    Hopefully Sony will bring Woodbine back for future Spider-Man movies since he took on the mantle of 'The Shocker' in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'.

    In Ghostbusters, Woodbine is playing a character named Sheriff Domingo. This could be subject to change since nothing is exactly set in stone, but it makes me wonder...

    Will Woodbine be playing an authority figure like Walter Peck or Jack Hardemeyer?

    Maybe Sheriff is his actual first name and he'll be part of the new team?

    Too many ways to speculate, but we know he's a talented actor and that's all we need to know for now.

  • Jon Kopaloff, Getty Images for MTV
    Jon Kopaloff, Getty Images for MTV

    Finn Wolfhard

    Talk about getting typecast!

    This kid has become famous for his role as Mike from 'Stranger Things' which is set in the '80s.

    Then he portrayed the smart mouth Richie Tozier in 'It' which takes place in the '80s.

    Now he's taking on a role in a franchise that originated in the '80s!

    This guy is incredibly talented and cool. I'm personally hoping he plays Egon's grandson or some member of the Spengler family. We'll see in 2020.

    And look! It looks like he's channeling Beetlejuice in the picture below. Another '80s reference. Bravo!

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    Mckenna Grace

    Only 14 years old, and she's been in over 30 different projects. Her IMDb page feels like it takes forever to scroll through.

    She's been in multiple movies involving monsters, ghouls, and ghosts, so the whole spook factor that Ghostbusters brings will be no new territory for her.

    In an interview, she stated that when director Jason Reitman called her to offer her a role in Ghostbusters, he straight up asked if she wanted TO BE a Ghostbuster.

    Is this confirmation of a younger team? Again ... can't wait to find out.

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    Last but not least

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