I've been reviewing different snacks that I got from some Keto Krates, and today I've gotten to the 'puffs' and 'crisps.'

The packaging is nice ...

Each little snack ball most definitely tastes like what they're advertised to taste like. I popped a salted caramel veggie protein puff in my mouth and it was really sweet tasting. It reminded me of the caramels my memaw would give me in the middle of church.

But that nice flavor vanishes and you are then only focused on the consistency of the puff. I bit into it and did not enjoy the texture or general make up of what was in my mouth. It was like biting ... I really have nothing to compare it too, but it didn't seem like it was fit for consumption.

Veggie Protein Puffs

Look how sandy it made my hand just to be holding them. I can see this snack finding its audience. There's something for everyone, and they did give me a brief moment of high impact flavor.

Veggie Protein Puffs get 1 out of 5 stars.

I then opened a bag of protein crisps. These were strawberries & cream flavored, and again the flavor of the snack delivered. Unfortunately the item crunched into hard sand that broke into many little sand rocks, and left me with a weird taste in my mouth.

So puffs and crisps are the same thing. They may be good if you are focusing on high protein and you just want a break from shakes and would like to change things up by having something to bite into. You could definitely become accustomed to the consistency of these snacks.

Copy of Untitled Design (2)

It should be noted that these snacks are non GMO and gluten free. The puffs even have a checklist showing off that they are high in protein, low in carbs, contain no corn syrup, no soy, no egg, no peanuts or tree nuts, and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Just give me an ice cube.

I'm reviewing things based on my overall satisfaction, so the crisps get a 1 out of 5 stars as well.

Trash puffs

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