On January 24, 2023, an Angelina County Sheriff's Office deputy responded to a theft call at the Big's Gas Station on Highway 69 North in Lufkin. This is the location on the way to Pollok or Wells.

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According to KTRE a supervisor at the store called after she and other employees had found scratched lottery tickets that were not paid for. When deputies watched the security footage an employee was observed scratching the tickets and scanning them in without paying for them.

Three tickets were cashed out in the video, one for $10, one for $20, and another for $100. She was also caught on camera taking other items from the store.

Palestine Woman Accused Of Fraudulently Activating Lottery Tickets At Lufkin Convenience Store

The employee was identified as Christina Lynn Mann, 38, of Palestine. Upon further investigation, there were more tickets that Mann was accused of scratching still in the dispenser.

Per the affidavit from the Angelina County Sheriff's Office an "Instant Ticket Sold Report" put the total of fraudulent tickets at about $985.

Mann was arrested for claiming a lottery prize using fraud or deceit, a Class A Misdemeanor. She has been in the Angelina County Jail for four days with a $1,000 bond.

The Texas Lottery Commission has strict guidelines for the sale of Texas Lottery Tickets. You can report any suspicious activity or concerns to the Texas Lottery.

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Phone complaints can be made to the Compliance Hotline at 512-344-5300 or online at texaslottery.com.

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