Macarons are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They are beautiful to look at, make excellent gifts, and taste amazing.

Their rise in popularity is assured if macarons have made it all the way from the streets of Paris to the Lufkin Mall. These aren't cheap cookies from any store; they are very light and rich.

Many people now know that these multi-colored, almond-based bakery treats are delicious, luxury products. Think of them more as an experience and great for your special occasions.

Ribbon Cutting At Melody's Macarons Inside Lufkin Mall

Melody's Macarons has made it official by becoming a member of the Angelina County Chamber of Commerce. They had their official ribbon-cutting Thursday, May 12th, 2022 at 10 am at the Lufkin Mall.

Their spot in the Mall has been a bakery before. Everything from pretzels to cakes has been sold out of that corner, so you know where it is.

Biscuit Eater Bakery & Grace 3 Patisserie opened there in September of 2019. Before that, it was Auntie Ann's Pretzels.

20 Flavors Of Macarons To Choose From At Melody's Macarons In Lufkin, Texas

Melody's Macarons is a small French bakery and is now open in the Lufkin Mall. They have already garnered fans for their macarons and their staff.

They are open during regular mall hours if you are ready for some macarons, or need a quick gift idea for National Nurses Week this week. School is almost out and this would make a great teacher's gift as well.

Monday- Closed
Tuesday- 11am-7pm
Wednesday- 11am-7pm
Thursday- 11am-7pm
Friday- 11am-8pm
Saturday- 11am-8pm
Sunday- 12pm-6pm

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