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  • 48 million Americans played in 2022
  • Great exercise
  • Cross between tennis and ping-pong

Pickleball is the latest sport sweeping the nation. There are teams and leagues all over, even on the Golden Bachelor ,and now we are getting a court in Lufkin.

Nacogdoches, Texas got some new pickleball courts over the summer at Maroney Park, and Lufkin just can't be left behind. Converting seldom-used tennis courts at Kiwanis Park seems to be the answer.

Lufkin Parks and Recreation is changing things up and has already started the conversion of a few tennis courts into pickleball courts. It's a fairly simple conversion that calls for a different net and different lines on the court.

The paddles don't have any strings and resemble an oddly shaped oversized ping pong paddle. The balls are bouncy and resemble whiffle balls.

Tennis Courts Being Converted To Pickleball Courts In Lufkin Parks

Pickleball is an entertaining and exciting sport, plus you don't have to stop doing it in your later years. It's less taxing on the body than tennis, basically because the court is smaller.

There are already Major League Pickleball Teams, and as the sport gains popularity, so does the variety of gear. You can get started with a 2 player pickleball set for as low as $40.

That's a low cost of entry to play a game, and that is something that makes the game so popular and fun. This will be a great addition to Kiwanis Park, and if you live close to there get ready to hear the thwack of balls on paddles.

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