When you look up favorite restaurants in Lufkin on Trip Advisor Ralph & Kacoo's always comes out on the top of the list.

This spot has a 4 out of 5 rating with over 300 reviews, which is more than any of the top restaurants.

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I have personally eaten at Ralph & Kacoo's many times, and it is always fabulous. This restaurant is a destination for many coming through town and is the place many locals use to celebrate special occasions.

These inspections do not speak to the quality or taste of the food. It is only to give an account of the cleanliness of the restaurant.

Ralph & Kacoo's Seafood Restaurant In Lufkin,Texas Cited By Health District

On January 3, 2023, the Angelina County & Cities Heath District inspected Ralph & Kacoo's Seafood Restaurant in Lufkin. According to the Lufkin Daily News, there were 48 violations at that time.

Most of the violations had to do with food temperatures, including over 12 cold-holding violations in the report resulting in a citation. They also found cell phones, a purse, and keys in a food prep area and issued a citation.

The Health District also reported black buildup inside ice machines where ice was dispensed. The report outlined immediate action by the staff at the restaurant and some issues were addressed on the spot, while others are in the works.

Hunan On Timberland Receives 12 Violations From Health District

On January 31st an inspection was conducted on Hunan located at 1108 North Timberland Drive in Lufkin. There were 12 violations at the restaurant.

All the employees are new and have not yet gotten their food handlers certification. The owner was having a hard time finding the courses provided in Mandarin Chinese and was given guidance on options.

Raw chicken was stored on the same shelf above an onion, and there was a dirty vent hood among the violations. To see the full report of both restaurants, click here.

Roost Chicken Salad and Cafe

The Roost Chicken Salad and Cafe Opens on January 18 in Lufkin. Here's a look inside the diner and some photos of their delicious food.

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