Russian Firefighters Blast Cat Out of Tree
Here in the U.S. you don't call the fire department just because your cat is stuck up a tree. That kind of activity is a waste of resources and city money. But in Russia if you call them, they will come. You won't like the result, but they will take care of the problem.
French Cat Runs Into Glass Door...BONK! [VIDEO]
A cat hit a glass door during French TV show "The Best Bakery in France". That's the long and short of it. It's pretty short. I missed it the first time I watched it. This video is less than 8 seconds long.
I guess they film the show live...
This Cat Can Ride A Skateboard
There are lots of people that still enjoy skateboarding. It's not a fad that is going away. The boards get longer and shorter, materials change but it's always basically the same. This cat has pretty mad skills on a board!

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