Every so often there comes a dish that is so special it changes a nation. Texas is home to two dishes that did just that.

America. The melting pot of nations. We are home to so many unique people from all sorts of backgrounds and with those backgrounds come various food influences. It's what makes this nation so incredible. Not only can we see the world among us, we can taste it in the dishes we eat.

And some of those dishes can change a nation.

These dishes are so memorable that they aren't just a flash in the pan (pun totally intended), but rather a culinary icon served on a plate. Recently, Thrillist found over 100 dishes that they believe have stood the test of time and compiled them into a list of the "101 Dishes That Changed America." Some of these dishes date back over 100 years. They all share similar traits. They have been mass produced, re-imagined and even ripped off, but never ever forgotten.

Texas has two of these dishes...

Loaded Potato Skins

Ok, it doesn't scream Texas right away, but a T.G.I. Friday's in Dallas, Texas is credited with concocting this gameday favorite back in 1974. Friday's used to be a hot spot for singles to mingle on, you guessed it, Friday nights. A chef got the idea to throw some potato skins into the fryer before dousing them in cheese and bacon. Sometimes genius is just impulsive like that. After selling a basket of six for just $1.65, the franchise realized they had to bump the price up to $4.25 because they couldn't keep up with demand. That price increase didn't take more than one month.


Of course you knew we weren't gonna be stuck with just potato skins. BBQ is religion in Texas and Franklin Barbecue is the altar at which all brisket lovers have been worshiping since 2009. Aaron Franklin opened a humble BBQ joint in Austin with one agenda... simple smoked meat. That little joint is now one of the hardest places to get into and people have no problem lining up for hours just to get a taste. In fact, patrons come prepared for the line armed with lawn chairs and coolers of drinks.

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