This past weekend I went to the Angelina County Farmers Market to check out the locally grown oranges and grapefruit. The selection at Bryan’s Farms was amazing, and I even got a long branch of oranges that could be used as a table decoration before eating.

It has a special place on my dining room table right now, as I don't think I have ever had oranges still on the branch before. The experience was perfect and I got everything that I needed and more.

They are some of the easiest peeling oranges and sweetest grapefruits I have ever had. On the way out I noticed that the little pink building that housed Angelic Cupcakes inside the Angelina County Farmers market looked empty again.

Angelic Cupcakes Closes For Good In Lufkin, Texas

Angelic Cupcakes originally closed in 2017, though the owner never stopped taking orders and making the cake-based treats. Then on August 10th, 2022 they reopened and cupcake lovers in Lufkin were really pumped about it.

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It seems that customers weren't pumped enough because just 4 months or so later they closed up for good. The owner is taking retirement seriously this time and making the closure permanent.

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They closed at the end of November 2022, and the little pink building that housed all those cupcakes is up for rent again. Contact the Angelina County Farmers Market at (936) 366-4535 to enquire about leasing the space for your own business.

Drive Through Lights Starting Up At The Angelina County Farmers Market

I also got a sneak peek of some of the lights that are going up for The Winter Wonderland Of Lights Drive Thru. This free event starts Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

Donations are encouraged and will be used to make the light show bigger and better every year. Special thanks to Tommy and Lynn Marie Bryan for their hard work and love for the community that has made this event happen for the past 4 years.

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Angelic Cupcakes Reopens In Lufkin, Texas

This popular bakery found a new home at the Angelina County Farmers Market.

Texas Baker's Amazingly Realistic Animal Cakes

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Colorful Flocked Christmas Trees

Timberland Nursery in Lufkin is bringing all of the colors of the rainbow out to celebrate Christmas.

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