Make your summer holiday plans around attending the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular with K-Fox 955! 

It's on a Tuesday this year, and we always have the fireworks on the day of the 4th. This is the 13th year that Mike Love and Associates Law Firm has provided the fireworks for all of us to enjoy. It's all happening at Ellen Trout Park on the Loop in Lufkin, we will be there broadcasting live all day long, so you can spend a full day celebrating our nation's independence.

Spend some time exploring the zoo with your friends and family. You can even take a ride on the "Z and 00 Railroad" which will be running during their normal operating hours along with the zoo. Because of the fireworks the new trail on the other side of the lake will be closed, just wanted to let you know so no one is disappointed.

At 3 PM, vendors will be in the park serving all your favorite food and more.

At 5 PM, live Music starts on stage.

At around 9:15 PM, or as soon as it is dark, the fireworks show will begin. The fireworks will be choreographed to the music which can be heard only on K-Fox 955,  so if you are in the park you can hear it on the speakers, if not you can tune your radio to K-Fox 95.5 out on the loop in your car..

Shuttle rides to and from the park are available for easy access parking at the Lufkin High School starting at 5 PM.  Loop 287 will be closed from 59 to 69 from 8 PM until 10, so make sure to avoid the area if you aren't going to the fireworks.

Come celebrate the 4th of July with your station K-Fox 955!

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