One fast food taco restaurant is quickly rising through the ranks, and we want to know if it's one of your go-to spots when you get a fast food craving.  Vote now from our list, or feel free to write in your own favorite fast food joint.  

Taco Bell has overtaken Burger King to become the 4th favorite fast food restaurant in America, according to the New York Post, and each of its stores make on average about $1.5 million each year.  By comparison, a Subway store might make $350,000.  While some fast food restaurants are stalling out and a few are closing locations, Taco Bell is growing and shows no signs of slowing down.  They're good at capitalizing on our love for Mexican food, especially in Texas.  Is it your fav?  Let us know, because we love talking about food!

Texans seem to be drawn to Whataburger kinda like our Cajun friends in Louisiana are drawn to Popeyes.  But all of it might depend on our moods.  When the craving for red beans and rice strikes, we're all goin' to Popeyes.

Factor in the taste, the quality, and the price.

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