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  • Nac favorite adding a location
  • Italian food continues in the Perry building
  • Great pizza and more coming to Lufkin, Texas.

Earlier this week we found out that Manhattan owners Destin and Miza Sabani were retiring and selling their restaurant. He made the announcement via the Manhattan Facebook page.

There was no indication in the post about what would become of the space where the restaurant was. It is such a special location and anything could have happened, but today we got some great news.

According to the Lufkin Daily News, the family that owns Napoli's Pizza and Restaurante in Nacogdoches will be turning Manhattan in the basement of the Perry building in Downtown Lufkin into a second location.

Napoli's Pizza & Restaurante Is Coming To Lufkin 

Lucky for us, the old Perrys cafeteria will stay an Italian restaurant and will have a another great owner to continue the great service and traditions of Manhattan along with the addition of Napoli's menu that includes pizza and other Italian favorites.

New owner Bledar Krasniqi and his family are excited to come to Lufkin and start serving homemade food made fresh for all of us while keeping things affordable. There will be a bit of a wait while everything gets changed over.

Krasniqi hopes to have the restaurant reopened under Napoli's name in the next couple of months. There will still be a bar, and a chance to take an elevator ride down to the basement downtown, and that is great news.

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