The first couple of these I did, it was a struggle to think of 5. Now after talking to all my peeps on Facebook, we have a HUGE list of our favorite restaurants that used to be in Lufkin.

  • Dan Patrick
    Dan Patrick

    Wyatt's Cafeteria

    This used to be in the Lufkin Mall when I was little. I actually remember eating out there, even though it was so long ago. It was a chain, and they had them all around. Kinda like Luby's before we had one in Texas. I remember eating a lot of jello there. Chicken and dumplings were almost as nice as the big red comfortable dining chairs with wheels. I am sure I drove my parents crazy racing in those chairs more than once.


  • Arby's


    When Arby's was in Lufkin, apparently no one went there enough to support the business, yet everyone complained when they were gone. Lufkin no longer has the "meat" because of this. The french dip is great, and I'm sure you have a favorite. Curly fries were pretty good too.

  • Mazzios


    I remember lots of dinners after church at Mazzio's. They had an arcade and a fun play ground. They even had one of my favorite games, Dig Dug. Sadly they are gone, but there was a glimmer of hope. They remained in Nacogdoches, and I ate there a couple of times. Now, you will have to drive to the Tyler area to get a slice. But be careful, it's now called Mazzio's Italian Eatery or some such, since they bought some pasta, and put pizza sauce on it.

  • El Chico
    El Chico

    El Chico

    This was a recent causality of the fickle landscape that is owning a restaurant in Lufkin. We ate there lots of times towards the end, hoping they would be able to stay, but it just wasn't in the cards. There are other El Chico restaurants but the drive is lengthy.  Rockwall or Waco, Texas, there is one in Louisiana that might be closer in Shreveport.

  • Dan Eating...
    Dan Eating...

    Lost in the 50's Roadhouse

    Lost in the 50's was a roadside diner on Highway 59 on the way to Nac, it was on the left as you were leaving town. I ate many a meal there and was partial to their onion rings. I really had a thing for them. They were giant and greasy, the burger or chicken fried steak, that went with them was great as well.  Always open late, and was a perfect place for kids up to no good. It was a greasy spoon. They had a great collection of authentic 1950's memorabilia collecting dust on the walls. The food was also very reasonably priced.  They closed for good around 2007-8 after a remodel.

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