What in the world would it sound like to have 70 to 80,000 honey bees crawling around inside the walls in your house?  One Texas woman finally got rid of them after 40 years of bee problems, and if you want to, you can buy some of the honey as a souvenir.  

Maude Mack is 76 years old and lives in Southwest Houston.  She told KHOU TV that she knew the bees were there and had been having problems with bees in her walls off and on for about 40 years.  She kept getting the bees removed, but they always came back.

Finally, one of the Houston City Council members got involved and contacted the American Honey Bee Protection Agency, which helped get the bees out of the walls last week.  A crew used smoke to keep the bees calm, and then got into the walls and took the hive in sections.  The bees are being relocated to a place far away from this woman's home, where they'll be equally happy and will be able to keep making honey like nothing ever happened.

The plan is to sell the honey in local stores and proceeds will go to the honeybee relocation efforts.  Want some?  That would be a Hoston souvenir I bet you don't have.

We have lots of bees, but can anyone in East Texas top 75,000 in the walls?  If so, let us know.  We'll bring the biscuits.

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