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Taco Bueno located at 2408 South First Street in Lufkin, Texas closed its doors on June 16, 2023. We didn't have to spend much time after that wondering what was going to replace the old Taco Beuno.

I drove around the old location today and saw that the outside was in a state of disrepair. The business hasn't been closed for a year, and the paint is peeling, and there are tons of weeds and acorns all over the ground in the drive-thru lane.

The signs leading into the area, which still has an operational Burger King, are all smashed. I assume that is why we install our signs high up on poles in Lufkin.

Taco Beuno Grand Opening Was A Truly Grand Affair

The grand opening of Taco Beuno was a month-long affair. I remember them bringing food to our radio station and having a few on-site media days and live broadcasts.

I was surprised when it closed, but I am not surprised that someone came to fill the store quickly. It's in a prime location close to Walmart and other fast food options.

Right over the main entrance to the restaurant, there is a banner letting us know that this would be a future Chick N Max location. I had never heard of the restaurant before.

Taking a look at their menu, I was interested to see that they had Almond-Wood Smoked Chicken. They also have some other interesting menu items along with fried chicken on a bun.

There are currently six total Chick N Max locations. There are four in Kansas, one in South Dakota, and one in Willis, Texas. The Lufkin, Woodlands, and Fulshear, Texas locations are noted as coming soon on their website.

Welcome to Lufkin Chick N Max.

TSM Lufkin
TSM Lufkin

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