Oh, how do we choose just one.

There may be a hundred "best burger joints in Texas" on any given day, depending on our moods for greasy and cheesy, or Swiss and avocado-ey, or bacony. Or all of the above.

But one burger joint in East Texas rises above the rest to take the #1 spot in the state. See if you agree.  

Butcher Boys Smokehouse and Deli in Nacogdoches has been cranking out some pretty awesome burgers since 1977, and forty years later, people are still noticing.

Part of the charm of this place, is that they put a whole lot of thought into the sides.  It not just burgers and fries here, although you can get that if you want.  The cooks put a little Texas into everything they serve, and sometimes that means a cheeseburger with a side of some juicy and crispy fried okra.  They don't mess with any fancy sesame seeds or anything on the burger buns, and they don't worry about making it all come across too pretty.  You might get your grub on a Styrofoam plate so there are no distractions and it's easy to understand that the burgers are just good.  Wide Open Eats says Butcher Boys serves up the best burgers in Texas.

Daddio's Burgers in Beaumont, Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth, Blue Sky in Amarillo, and Heff's Burgers in Abilene round out the top 5, according to Wide Open Eats.

Never been to any of those?  It's okay!  There are too many good burgers around here, and we're not quite finished eating our way out of East Texas.  We'll get to those others eventually.  And we might plan our next road trip accordingly, around this inspiring Texified explosion of meat and cheese.

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