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  • First Event Of Christmas In Lufkin
  • Presented By Lufkin Industries
  • Kids Love Rudolph

For many years the lighting ceremony of Rudolph the Red Nose Pumping Unit has been an institution in Texas. When it was in the Lufkin Mall parking lot, it was always a huge affair.

Now with the celebration being downtown instead, having Rudolph there makes so much sense. I love to drive downtown and see the lights all strung across the streets with Rudoph going and all lit up.

The crowds and the pure spectacle of the lighting seem to have gotten even bigger since the event moved downtown. There are so many events that are going on for Christmas downtown now that I truly feel Rudoldph is in the right place.

The new location is growing on me because going to see Rudolph is now an event, and you can take a long, close look. I'm sure there are many who still wish they could see Rudolph at night, while they drive around the loop at 80+ MPH.

If you are patiently waiting for Halloween and Thanksgiving to be over to enjoy Christmas, it's all going to pay off starting on December 1, 2023.

Light Ceremony For Rudolph The Red Nose Pumping Unit Set

Right after work and school on Friday, December 1st at 5:30 PM the "Lighting Of Rudolph The Red Nose Pumping Unit presented by Lufkin Industries" begins.

It's quite a mouthful to say for an event, but it seems to work for us. Without Lufkin Industries there wouldn't even still be a pumping unit outfitted in red and white for us to enjoy every Christmas, so you can't leave them out.

As always there will be milk and cookies at the event Sponsored by Brookshire Brothers. Santa Claus himself will be there, though sometimes he is a little sleepy and we have to raise him from his slumber.

Start the holiday season off right in Lufkin by attending this event with the kids. They might also like to see Rudolph getting his lights put on.

Take a look a this behind-the-scenes action of Rudolph going up downtown.

Rudolph The Red Nose Pumping Unit Gets Lights

Workers have erected Rudolph The Red Nose Pumping Unit in downtown Lufkin. Now they are putting on the lights.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

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