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  • New Dollar General Concept
  • South Loop Crossing Shopping Center
  • Now Open In Lufkin

We have been waiting for a long time to get a new retail store in Lufkin. There seem to be about 10 new restaurants for every new place to shop opening every year in town.

This time it's linked to a brand you already know and have likely shopped at in the past - Dollar General. pOpshelf is basically an upscale version of that store and more.

They keep the prices affordable, while still having things that you want. Kitchen gadgets, home decor, and toys are all for sale inside.

pOpshelf Has Been Coming Soon To Lufkin Since February 2023

The Lufkin location will be the 53rd pOpshelf store in the Lone Star State. This retail chain focused on suburban women has stores popping up all over Texas all the time, so that could change quickly.

They really want you to have an enjoyable shopping experience. If you already normally have fun while shopping, they go the extra step to make sure you have time to wander and escape.

Get More Holiday Decor On A Budget At This Spot In Lufkin, Texas 

This is the spot to pop in and get something off the shelf to decorate for Christmas or any holiday. Affordable seasonal decor is always in demand. Most items cost $5 or less.

Planning on taking down the Halloween decorations and putting up your Christmas decorations this weekend? This would be the place to visit to buy a few inexpensive items to freshen up your holiday decor.

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