It's unseasonably cold outside already. Got me thinking about Christmas time in Lufkin. Every year visitors see a strange sight on the loop in Lufkin. We all know and love it, but to them it might be quite the strange attraction. Get ready cause Santa is coming to town, and Rudy is leading the way!

We are about a month away from the  Lighting Ceremony of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Pumping Unit. It's Saturday November 17th at 5pm, in the Lufkin Mall Parking lot. There will be cookies and milk with Santa for the kids! Then at around 5:30 the moment we have all been waiting on happens. Then they will light up the Fully Functioning Mark 640 Oil Pumping Unit from GE.

If everything goes as planned in the past, Santa and Mrs.Clause will be there. Antlers are sometimes passed out, along with Milk and Cookies while supplies last. This is a Lufkin Tradition that has lived on past the days when Lufkin Industries was here. Just goes to show that once you start doing something in Lufkin, you have to keep doing it. Or someone will come in and do it for you.

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