Last week, we put up a post about the basketball court at Festival Park in Downtown Nacogdoches getting an update. The parks and recreation department was working on repainting it with a new, original mural. If you didn't catch that story, you can view it at the link below:

Well, this week, we have an update to that story: The basketball court is complete! The team of artists didn't waste any time getting it done! This is the post from the Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation Department Facebook page from today:

**Festival Park Basketball Court Update #4**

The court is done! Our Parks crews will wrap up painting the backboards...

Posted by Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

It turned out awesome, I'd say! The team that worked on it really stepped up and made it happen!

But, something that's even more exciting is this: This is only the first one. They're planning on updating more of the courts! So, this is only the beginning. I look forward to seeing what else comes from these guys!

I haven't been by the park to check it out myself, but I'm definitely going to need to make plans to swing by and see all the new artwork. The pictures look great, but I bet in-person looks even more awesome!

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