The Zoo Boo for 2020 has been cancelled. The Ellen Trout Zoo on the Loop in Lufkin hosts the Zoo Boo every year, and they never fail to pack the zoo full of kids in their Halloween best. I love going out every year with K-Fox 955 and announcing the costume contest.

This year, like many other things, it just isn't going to happen. Zoo Director Gordon Henley, put out this press release.

After much thought and consideration it has been decided to cancel Zoo Boo this year. This has been a difficult decision because Zoo Boo is one of the largest Halloween events in this part of Texas and has been a source fun for thousands of people. However, with the current pandemic situation we believe this is the best course of action for this year. Everyone at the Ellen Trout Zoo wants to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and the crowd density at Zoo Boo would not be conducive to this effort. We are sorry to have to take this action and hope the situation changes in the coming months and we will again be able to celebrate Halloween and the Ellen Trout Zoo with Zoo Boo. We have decorated the zoo however and encourage people to come out and enjoy the zoo decorated for Halloween.

There are so many great things that you CAN do right now at the Ellen Trout Zoo. Their "Walk On The Wild Side" virtual walk/run is going on during the entire month. October OWL (On-site Wildlife Lab)  OWL classes are offered for 5th/ 6th, 7th/ 8th and High School students. Endangered Species Enrichment Extravaganza continues to gain interest.  It's coming to the Ellen Trout Zoo in October as well. 



Here are some of the cutest ... and scariest costumed critters we have seen over the years at the Zoo Boo to hold us over till next year. Hopefully things will calm down enough to do it then. Do you see your little ones in the gallery? Let us know if you're in the pictures within the comment section below. KFox 955 helps every year with the costume contest, and we found a bunch of pictures in our archives.